What is the Positive Outcome of Your Current Situation? - June 2022


Welcome to the Monthly Tarot Pick-a-Card for June 2022.


This month, we’ll be looking to see the positive outcome of your current situation. This situation could relate to your love life, your career, or whatever aspect of your life is on your mind the most right now.


If you’re new to tarot pick-a-card readings, all you have to do is the following:


  1. Scroll down to the photo below and choose the pile you are drawn to most.
  2. Next, scroll down to find your video. Each video is labeled Group One, Two and Three.
  3. Don’t forget to leave a comment to let me know how your reading resonated with you!
Remember: These are general tarot readings. Different messages will come through with each tarot reading as more than one person will be watching the video.  If information in a tarot reading doesn’t resonate with you, then the message was meant for someone else.


I hope you gain a bit of wisdom from your reading, and the advice helps you create your best life!


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Pick-a-Card-Choose - June 2022


Pick a number and find your video below!

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I hope this reading helps you on your journey. Take care, lots of love, and happy manifesting!

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What did you think of your reading?  Let me know how it resonated with you in the comment section below.  I’d love to hear what you learned and any insight you gained.


Please also share this pick-a-card tarot reading with someone you know who may find it helpful in their life right now.

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