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A man’s heart deviseth his way: but the LORD directeth his steps. ~ Proverbs 16:9

      If you’re the type of person who believes that your fate is fixed and that you have no control over your circumstances, then a Heart & Mind Tarot Reading is not for you.

If you’re a proactive person who believes the tools and wisdom are out there to help you create the life that you desire for yourself, and you’re ready to take action, then keep on reading.

Hi! I’m Michelle Chabot, and I use the tarot and the law of assumption to help you create a more joyful and satisfying life.

I believe, and I have demonstrated in my own life, that you have the power to change and create a life that is in alignment with your values and desires.


A Heart & Mind Tarot Reading is not for people who just want a glimpse into a fixed and fated future or someone who believes that life happens to them and not for them.


Suppose you believe that you’re limited by your current circumstances, or you can’t change your own life. If you think you have no control over your life and actions, then a Heart & Mind Tarot Reading won’t help you.


A Heart & Mind Tarot Reading can help you see what future you’re creating through your current mindset and beliefs so that you can take the actions to create a better future for yourself.


Do you desire a future that you can feel excited about? A Heart & Mind Tarot Reading will provide you with the guidance you need to take the actions that will allow that future to happen for you.


Whether the guidance comes from the tarot pick-a-card blog or a personal tarot reading that you book with me, you will gain the clarity you need to help you on your journey in life.


When you believe that the Universe has your back, you will receive signs and inspiration that lead you to your dreams.

So what can you expect from Heart & Mind 

I’m so excited to share how I plan to use my life’s greatest passion to help you create a more joyful and satisfying experience for your life.


Heart & Mind Tarot readings are not about having a look into your future at a fixed and fated outcome.


I’ve learned from my work with tarot cards that you are given choices in each moment of your life. Each option can take you on a journey that has the potential to change your life for better or for worse.


Wouldn’t you love to be able to see how each of your choices will affect your life so you can move closer to your dreams? Then a Heart & Mind Tarot reading is what you’ve been looking for.


Suppose you have a specific desire for your life and want to make that desire a reality. In that case, the tarot will help you take the actions that allow those desires to manifest.

If you have a desire for your life, and you want to make that desire a reality, the tarot will help you take the actions that allow those desires to manifest.

A Heart & Mind Tarot reading is personalized to you using astrology, numerology, moon phases, and the law of attraction. These tools give you a better understanding of yourself, your emotions and divine timing to help you on your quest to a more fulfilling life.


Each tarot reading provides you with a look into possible future outcomes and tools, and daily actions to put you on a path towards creating the life that you desire. As a result, you will have the ability to find more peace and happiness every day along your soul’s journey.

Is a Heart & Mind Tarot 
Reading Right for You?

The High Priestess Graphic

Do you tend to worry yourself to death, which prevents you from taking that leap of faith and going for your dreams? A Heart & Mind Tarot reading will provide you with the foresight you need before you make that big jump;

The Sun Graphic

Has previous experience left you feeling dissatisfied or in fear and doubt about getting what you want out of life? A Heart & Mind Tarot reading will show you your potential and provide you with the wisdom to find joy, confidence and belief in yourself and your desires;

The Hierophant Graphic

Are you interested in learning how to harness the law of attraction so you can manifest more of what you desire? A Heart & Mind Tarot reading will give you the tools to help you put yourself into an emotional state for attracting more of what you want in your life;

Justice Graphic

Do you have a significant decision to make in your life right now, and you need clarity as to which choice would be best for you? A Heart & Mind Tarot reading can help you to see which decision feels right and is in alignment with your higher purpose and vision for your life;

Wheel of Fortune Graphic

Is there something causing you pain or frustration in your life, and you want to find the solutions or a better way to solve your problems? A Heart & Mind Tarot reading can assist you in turning whatever situation you’re facing around and get you back on track towards a more satisfying life.

What Makes a Heart & Mind Tarot 
Reading Different from Other Tarot Readings?

Do you find it frustrating to receive a tarot reading that shows you a future outcome but doesn’t help you reach your goals? Are you left feeling as if you have no control over the direction of your life, and you’re as lost as you were before you received your reading?

With a Heart & Mind Tarot reading, you’ll receive the tools to help you find joy and the things you desire most for your life.


You’ll also receive a follow-up email from me in four to six weeks from the day of your tarot reading to see how you’re coming along on your journey. We’ll look at how the guidance is helping you in your life and see if any further guidance is needed to keep you on track to your goals.


I tailor your tarot consultation to you and your needs with the help of astrology, numerology, and other forms of intuitive guidance. You and your current situation are unique, and your tarot reading should be unique to you. No two tarot consultations are ever the same.

What Can You Expect When You Book or Purchase a Heart & Mind Tarot 

There are two types of tarot readings that are available to you at this time: In-person tarot readings and email tarot readings (Learn More).


If you book an in-person reading, you will meet me at a local coffee shop in beautiful Vernon, BC. I will do the tarot reading with you in a privately booked room, so your reading remains confidential. However, upon request and on a case-by-case basis, I can come to you at your home for your reading. Your privacy is essential to me. I do my utmost to make sure that your personal information and tarot readings remain confidential. You can find a time that works best for you by booking your session online.


The investment for in-person tarot readings is $79.99. Payment for in-person readings is made at the time of your appointment by cash or credit card (no debit card payments are available at this time). 

If you can’t book an in-person session with me, you can purchase an email tarot reading.  The email tarot readings are also $79.99 and are purchased through PayPal at checkout. When you buy an email tarot reading, you’ll be given a link to a questionnaire that allows me to understand your situation without needing back-and-forth emails.

When I receive your completed questionnaire, I will then go to work on your tarot reading. Once I feel that I have the guidance to help you with your query, I will email you a link to download the PDF and audio file of your tarot reading from Dropbox.  


If you’d like to see an example of the email tarot readings I provide, head over to the monthly tarot pick-a-card readings to get an idea of what you’ll receive.

Referral Program

Would you like the opportunity to receive a discount on your next tarot reading?


For every person you refer to Heart & Mind Tarot and who purchases a personal tarot reading, you will receive 20% off your next tarot reading!

Refund Policy

If you follow the advice given through your tarot reading and use the tools that will help align you with your purpose, you will see a positive change in your life. However, tarot reading advice is only advice, not a guarantee. Sometimes a tarot reader cannot connect with you and your situation, so your reading will be off and not very helpful.


The emotional energy around your life at the time of your reading can also affect the information you receive. If the information in your tarot reading does not resonate with you on any level, you can request a refund. (Remember, positive emotional energy helps you to attract positive and helpful information and serendipitous events).


In any case, I want to make sure that you’re delighted with your tarot reading, but if not, you have 30 days from the time you receive your consultation to request a full refund.


You can find the request refund page here. Once there, you will describe in detail the reason why you were dissatisfied with your tarot reading. This information will help me see how I can improve my services to better serve you and other customers in the future.

Are you ready to start creating your future? I’m here to help!