Nice to Meet You!

I want to share with you my story about how Heart & Mind Tarot came to be.

When I started along my journey called adulthood, I thought I had everything figured out. I had the job, the apartment, my silver Oldsmobile Regency, and a dream to have a family and a home somewhere in the countryside.

Sounds like most people.

But in your early twenties, you don’t even really know who you are yet, and the dream you’re chasing really isn’t yours to begin with.

Finally, after nine years of chasing the wrong dream, I was shoved back onto my natural path. It was the ending of an already-doomed relationship in which I had been in denial about its sustainability.

The thing I did next would start me off on an unknown journey that would lead me to discover myself and my true calling in life.

Just like you are sitting here now contemplating the idea of consulting a tarot reader, after my break-up, I was looking for answers. I wanted to know the next step on my path and decided to ask a psychic tarot reader.

I wanted her to tell me if I should move on from my break-up or if there was still hope that the relationship could be recovered. What she did was send me down a road of a new adventure, a new relationship and the single most crucial moment and decision of my life.


She guided me to take a trip to Las Vegas, where I met a man so unlike anyone I’d ever known. When he and I parted ways, I spent my entire flight home piecing together what happened, and by the time I arrived home, I knew that I wanted to be with this man.



I shared my experience with the psychic who had me doing insane rituals and taking actions that, for the most part, raised my self-confidence. My confidence had been almost entirely obliterated by my last relationship.



She had me taking another trip, this time to Hawaii. After all of this foolishness and putting myself further into debt, I made the most significant decision of my life.



Until that point, my own tarot journey consisted of me dabbling in the cards off and on since I learned about them when I was 14. I had been meditating since my early twenties. As a result, my dreams became brilliant with vivid details, and some even manifested into a reality. One such vision took place three months before my trip to Las Vegas and the meeting of my new love and was a premonition that gave me the name of the state from which he resided.


This psychic had me going crazy, trying to control the outcome of my new relationship and spending more money than I could afford. I decided that if the psychic could see all of these fantastic things and help me take control of my life with the tarot, I could do the same without her. With all the intuitive experiences I was having on my own, I realized that I could discover my own tarot guidance.

From that moment on, I stopped calling the psychic, and I took a leap of faith into the unknown and started using the cards myself.

I spent the entire summer using the cards to help me bring this new man back together with me. It was like tarot training on acid; every day asking the cards what I should do to draw us back together. For an entire month, I made absolutely no contact with him, as the cards had guided me to do.

By the time autumn rolled around, he had proclaimed to the world (aka Facebook) that we were a couple.

You’re probably thinking, “Wow, Michelle, that’s amazing. Sign me up!” But, when you’re playing with someone’s free will, it’s like a house of cards; it’s bound to collapse.

Another thing I overlooked in my dogged pursuit of this relationship was whether or not he was indeed the right man for me. In the end, he was a terrible womanizer and just as soon as the relationship started, it was over in a month.

Like any lesson, I learned something important about myself, life, and reading tarot cards. The only thing that you have control over is yourself, your emotions and your decisions in life. I also learned that I wanted to use the cards to make decisions that kept other people’s best interests in mind while also creating the life I desired.

Over the next year, I used the cards to rediscover myself and my own happiness. My method for reading the cards transformed into what it is today and is still evolving.

In the end, I found out that the real soul-mate relationship I spent so much time pursuing was with me the entire time. I was already a whole person, and the relationship that mattered most was the relationship I had with myself. I am more confident, happier and sure of where I’m going now because of my love for myself. I will never settle for less than what I desire.

My idol, Dolly Parton, once said: “Find out who you are and do it on purpose.” And that’s precisely what I did.

Now it’s time for me to help you discover who you are and the path that will bring you the greatest joy. Are you ready?