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A Heart & Mind Tarot reading is personalized to you using astrology, numerology, moon phases and the law of attraction. These tools give you a better understanding of yourself, your emotions and divine timing to help you on your quest for a more fulfilling life.

 Each tarot reading provides you with a look into possible future outcomes and tools and daily actions to put you on a path towards creating the life you desire. You will have the ability to find more peace and happiness every day along your soul’s journey.

With a Heart & Mind Tarot reading, you’ll receive the tools to help you find joy and the things you desire most for your life. Also, you’ll receive a follow-up email from me in four to six weeks from the day of your tarot reading to see how you’re coming along on your journey.


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When you purchase an email tarot reading, you’ll first be given a link to a questionnaire for you to fill out. The information from your questionnaire allows me to understand your situation without needing to send back-and-forth emails.

When I receive your completed questionnaire, I will then go to work on your tarot reading. I use tarot & oracle cards, your astrological birth chart (if you’ve provided your birth information), and any intuitive information to complete your reading.

Once I feel that I have the guidance that will help you with your query, I will email you a link where you can find the images of the cards I pulled and an audio recording of your reading.